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Energy Trading , Investment & Banking , IT & Communication , Manufacturing , Power   |   10th February 2021

Business registration truly means the list of all enterprises pursuing various economic activities linking to the production and distribution of goods/services. Verified register listing encourages better business relations and a convenient search of products and services related to the energy sector. 

Energy enterprises should be present in a B2B marketplace and EEXCOM encourages industrialists to take part as a vital contributor to the ongoing Energy Revolution. Register your company/organization on EEXCOM for free and avail of the benefits at zero cost.

Case Study: Why manufacturers no longer see energy as an expense

Today, seven out of 10 manufacturers acknowledge the necessity for much more versatility, almost energy usage and generation, and a third are funding their private on-site production or selling to the grid. 


Energy is now observed as an important initiator of both flexibility and sustainability. 

Traditionally, many companies have viewed energy as a variable cost, rather than an asset. EEXCOM’s research reveals how quickly these business attitudes are changing. 

For many of the world’s biggest producers, sustainability has become a fundamental preference.

  1. Philips is intending to be carbon neutral by 2020. 
  2. Fabricating supplies large Saint-Gobain has perpetrated to net zero emissions by 2050.
  3. And LEGO is already operating 100% of its actions on renewable energy. 

Far from being quirk, these are businesses that indicate a growing corporate approach to efficient energy practice and administration. 

In a study of its shoppers in the industrial sector, Lloyds Bank noticed that 44% are resembling or performing ways to decrease their energy usage as a means of dropping their carbon trail.

Part of the transformation is because shoppers are now enjoining greater clarity through sustainable patronage methods: 25% of companies say they have marked a hike to their honor after investing in advanced energy solutions.

“Awareness of how important energy can be in creating business advantage is increasing rapidly,” says Jorge Pikunic, Managing Director of Centrica Business Solutions.


How can companies seize restraint of their energy?

Distributed energy adopts new technologies to decentralize production and build more extra compliance for both companies and energy channel operators.

It grants enterprises to regulate energy to their aspirations, Whether businesses aspire to raise the factors like:

  1. cost-efficiency
  2. generate value 
  3. additional revenue
  4. increase the sustainability
  5. the resilience of operations

Businesses can use distributed energy to drive towards the above goals. 


There is a broad variety of choices for businesses desiring to grow their energy utility and commodify their energy, including concrete technologies like energy production and storage, but also digital gadgets that perform additional benefits from physical technologies, such as demand-side response and cloud monitoring. 

As the National Grid shifts towards zero-carbon plans, and with developed demand as a consequence of the electrification of power, a demand-side acknowledgment can support comfort duty on the solar grid and form value for the energy industry. 

Clean energy acts by financially incentivizing firms to lessen their energy utilization while times of peak demand, easing to give balance to the grid in real-time. 

Digitalize Monitoring devices are another way for corporations to handle their consumption and strengthen their operational efficiency.   


Energy Industry adapts IT & Digital Transformation article well-defined facts about How Digitalization is helping improve the productivity, approachability, and sustainability of energy systems around the world. 

The advanced technology of production methods operates hand in hand with watching energy expenditure at a much granular level. This article flashes a light on efficiencies and empowers businesses to develop very quickly. 


Having an energy strategy makes good business sense. 

According to the 2019 Distributed Energy Future Trends report, 67% hold an energy approach by particular targets, activities, or funds, matched with 58% in 2017. 

 It is inspired by the increase of a set of suppliers joining the online B2B marketplace and also observing changes in purchasing behavior of buyers.   


Benefits of energy b2b marketplace 

With a B2B marketplace expected to exceed $200 billion by 2025. 

EEXCOM B2B Marketplace solution leveraging the Energy industry. 

Let’s assume, though an offline trading system has nothing to do with the current waiting list to purchase gas turbines, When a seller lists their business online, they connect with multiple businesses through the internet to improve their old business method. Whether hocking spare parts, surfing for least-cost replacement parts, or instituting a just-in-time inventory, online promotion services have recognized your buyer & seller as a collaboration tool. 


Last year’s sizzling B2C (business to consumer) websites have observed their stock appraisals raise to 90 percent of their peak rates, and the Internet continues toward reinventing itself. 

The B2B (business to business) aims that enterprise investors ultimately expect their investments to turn a profit. The old world economy is not dead, and the clash of Bricks v/s Clicks is not certainly persisting to be won rather offers as much possible benefit to the industry. 


The AMR report also predicts that industry directors will move to 60 percent or more of their transactions online over the following two years, and predicts sadness to those companies that do not traverse into digitalization ahead. The B2B boom is accompanied by several trends:

  • Trading exchanges. Marketplaces that facilitate B2B adoption, empowering smaller companies to tempt customers, answer to tenders, and deliver orders over the world with minimum investment.
  • Cost savings. Energy Exhibit and Connect Complex website offers actual cost savings. A Deloitte Consulting survey meant that companies implementing e-Tender, enterprises anticipate saving between 5 percent and 15 percent on total corporate spending. More than 40 percent of poll respondents assumed to save more than 10 percent.
  • EDI commerce volume. AMR Research expects much of the current electronic data interchange (EDI) volume will progressively migrate to the Internet as high-level supply chain services and collaborative capacities mature a necessity.
  • Encourage advancement supply chain management. Companies need to improve internal practices and realize that e-commerce is the next step in the evolution of supply chain management, not its replacement.

  • Online Promotion: Showcase your business product & service with a brand name over the internet. EEXCOM offers an online branding service including: 
    •  Advertisement 
    • SEO
    • Digital Marketing
    • Content Marketing
    • Customized Marketing

If you have no website and you are still looking to start online branding, register your business on B2B energy marketplace EEXCOM for free! 


Manage your business with EEXCOM | B2B Energy Network solution 

EEXCOM is a Global B2B Energy Industry Collaboration hub that has been in the market since 2016, We are dedicated to build business possibilities such as tenders for production, engineering, fabrication, refinery, and audit while depreciating expenses acquired in transportation, physical meetings, and exhibitions. 

We have empanelled energy sectors such as: 

Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, EPC, Power, Renewables, Energy Trading, Water, Manufacturing, Logistics & Transportation, IT & Communication, Investment, Banking, Energy Insurance & many other Energy and Support Services.

The excellent features of  B2B marketplace platform:

  • List and promote your organization/company to build greater business opportunities and possibilities.
  • Post products, services, jobs, and tenders.
  • Stay updated with the latest news on events, product or services launch, new technologies, career offerings.
  • Analyze and focus on the targeted market with the insights through the statistical analysis we provide.
  • Minimize the costs incurred in sales, marketing, procurement (upcoming feature), physical exhibitions, and meetings. 


Register your business today on EEEXCOM, Your presence is very vital in being an Energy Industry business entity. 

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